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Scrap Swap Application

Scrap Swap is a startup started by a team of 5 IIT Students collaboratively. 

Project Concept:
Every year, vehicles that reach the end of their useful life end up as discarded
vehicles. As per new govt guidelines, 10 years for Diesel and 15 years for petrol will
be considered as end of life (EOL). These rules will be enforced for EOL vehicles in
Because the end of life vehicles becomes a liability to the owners therefore they
need to scrap these vehicles from the scraping vendors that are available near
them and where this application comes into play.
Scrap swap is a platform application for someone who is looking the scrapping
service and wants to get the best price for their EOL vehicle.
Users or Vehicle owners will be able to see the variety of listed Certified Scraping
vendors and can request Quotations from them. Also, they will be able to list
the details of their EOL vehicle so that they can get Quotations from the listed
Scraping Vendor will be able to make their profile with their business names,
address and location and will be able to send the Quotations right from the app
just in 2 mins.


The purpose of this project is:
1) To provide users with a platform to connect with the variety of listed Certified
scrapping vendors and getting the best price for their EOL vehicles.
2) To provide business opportunities to the certified listed vendors.


Duration : 6-7 Weeks

Company : Scrap Swap


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