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Taking your Idea To Market


What is the process to get my idea to market?

Launching your idea to market is really very easy, we have divided it into four parts :

Research Phase & Ideation : In this phase, we validate your idea, do competitors' analysis and learn about the end users or customers. We also do the documentation part in this phase like the business requirement document (BRD).

Design : In this phase, we follow a user-centric designing approach and design wireframes & UI mockups using Figma Design.

Development : in this phase, we developed the actual application using the proper coding and also follow the agile methodology so that the project development process can be more fluent.

Release and Maintenance : We release a viable software solution that meets your user's needs and expectations. You can choose from various levels of ongoing support, such as developing additional features and fixing bugs in existing products.


What is MVP?

MVP stands for a minimum viable product, it is the very initial stage of your idea or product that your consumers can use. It allows you to test your idea by exposing an early version of your product to the target market so that you can collect the relevant data and take decisions accordingly.


How Long it will take to create my website?

Creating a remarkable website takes a lot of effort, we have simplified the process using our unique approaches. It depends functionalities/ features that your website is going to have. Basic business portfolio websites takes less time in development but custom business websites with Unique features take more time comparatively. to get the exact timeline for your project connect with our IT Experts on the link below: 


Does your company give IT support after launching my website to market? 

Yes, we give IT support after launching your website or mobile application, we give free support and maintenance for 1 month after launching the product. you can also subscribe to our support & maintenance packages which are designed according to your needs so that your customers never face any issues while using your product. 


I don't have any knowledge of online and IT, can I sell my product online?

Yes, you can do business online without having technical knowledge. Our IT experts always support you 24/7 and help you to grow your business online. Our team supports you from launching your business to scaling your business on the internet.


How your company is different from other companies in the market?

We believe in creating products that create value in your customer's life. We support you all the way in your journey from launching your first product to becoming a self-sustainable brand. Our vision is to provide you 360 Degree digital solutions so that you don't need to go anywhere else for every single thing. To learn more about our company visit About Us.


Core Technologies & Tools


Why do you use open-source libraries while creating projects, why don't build everything from scratch?

There’s a common misconception that open-source means low-quality, but it is not true, but the opposite is true, they are a good choice for the development of a project. Aside from the added time (and cost) of developing everything in-house, leveraging popular open-source libraries is a wise choice because they have been battle-tested by many others beforehand. Why spend valuable time and money on something that isn’t the core of your product?


Which technology is best for the development of my product?

There are a lot of technologies that are available in the market, but the selection of the right technology is very important. Which technology is good for your project depends on various non-functional requirements like security, user base, scalability, reliability, and maintainability. each technology has different capabilities, and they will be better at handling specific types of non-functional requirements. Our IT experts understand the nature of your business and go through your detailed business requirement then they suggest to you the best Tech stack which is suitable for you. 


What is a framework?

Consider you make tea on daily basis every morning you have to put a lot of ingredients together, and open a lot of different boxes which was really time-consuming one day you came up with the idea of mixing all the main ingredients together and you put in a box. next day in you only needs to put hot milk, and a spoon of mixture and your tea is ready. 

similarly, the framework gives a lot of pre-build resources which makes the development process time efficient and structured. It provides a foundation on which software developers can build programs for a specific platform. For example, a framework may include predefined classes and functions that can be used to process input, manage hardware devices, and interact with system software.


Do you provide hosting & Servers?

Yes, we provide shared Hosting Servers, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers, VPS etc .. 


TSI project progress tracking CRM


What is TSI Project Tracking CRM ?

We have built Project progress tracking CRM for you where you can track your project's progress live on our CRM. All the activities like payments, Live Project Progress, resource sharing, product backlog, etc can be performed there. It automatically informs about the activity or status change for any task in your project. You can live chat with our IT team in order to remove any sort of communication gap between our team and You. 


How do I log in to my CRM Dashboard?

As you start your project with us we will share your dashboard credentials on your mail. You can go to the "Login to Client Portal " option on the website and log in with the provided credentials. You can talk with our IT support team if you find trouble with the login.



Launch & Post Launch Support


When do I consider my App/Web Project completed?

Your App/Site is officially considered completed as we launch it to the market. In reality, your Application or website is never completed it is a process it will go through many iterations. In order to build a remarkable product you always need innovation in your Application/website. 


My site is launched, but something broke, who should fix it?

TSI is responsible if any such kind of bug arises from the code we write. we will happily fix all the errors. if it arises from our end. We will monitor your Application for up to 1 month from the launching date in anything broke we will free of cost fix it for you.


My site is down, what should I do? 

Contact our support team immediately, regardless of the time. We will get your site back up and running!


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